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Teeny Yogini

Meditation &Mala Making Workshops!

Join us as we intuitively craft a sacred tool and help benefit the Mala Project students!  Fun, Creative and Informative, we will join together in a sacred circle to manifest our deepest desires through applied intention.

All materials are Included.

Come to Relax!

No prior experience required.

September 24th 1-4pm at Thrive in Malvern,PA

October 2nd 1-4PM 16 Court Street Suite 2405                               Brooklyn Heights, NY 11241

                          *WITH GONG RELAXATION*

October 8th 1-4PM at Kaleidoscope in                                             Douglasville, PA

November 20th 1-4PM at THE YOGA HOUSE

                            ​Barrington, NJ

How Can I Get My Own Mala?

Simply click the donate button! Be sure to include your mailing address and an email address. Please allow 2-4 weeks for receipt.

What Is The Mala Project?

The Mala Project is an initiative to bring low cost and free Yoga, Meditation and Reiki to children who are unable to have access to these programs due to social, economic or demographic reasons. Currently, we are serving the PA, NJ, and DE regions. By relying on the "donate what feels good" policy, we are able to raise money by offering free malas to the public in exchange for a small donation.  Each mala is crafted intuitively and charged with Reiki energy.  All of the funds that are brought in go directly to the children we serve!

What Is a Mala?

A mala is a set of either 27, 54 or 108 beads that are strung together.  They assist with Japa meditation: the repetition of a mantra or affirmation by helping the user keep count.  The user can either wear the beads on their neck or wrist, and serves as a constant reminder of the intention that is placed on the beads.  Examples of intentions include: I am whole; My body is healthy; Abundance flows.

Want to Learn More About Your Hand Crafted Mala? 

Fill Out the Form Below and once we verify your donation, we will send you a FREE E-BOOK filled with information about your hand crafted Mala including use, history, and gemstone properties!

The Mala Project

Offering Low Cost and Free Reiki, Meditation and Yoga to Children!